About Us

With clients ranging from commercial developers & contractors, regulatory agencies & industrial facilities to the private landowner, ALCI can handle all types of projects, both small & large.

In over two decades of service, our firm has gained valuable experience completing thousands of consulting, civil engineering & land surveying projects. In addition, we have worked diligently to establish a relationship of trust & respect with the various local, regional and state regulatory agencies with whom we work to provide professional services.


Our team of engineers, surveyors, designers & technicians has a wide range of knowledge and talent and strives to maximize the use of their expertise for the benefit of our clients. Throughout the history of ALCI, there have been incredible changes in technology that we are working constantly to embrace and implement to ensure our projects are completed efficiently and accurately for our customers.


As always, ALCI continues to seek out possibilities for growth and expansion to better our reputation for providing quality services.